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During 2020, we offer you special programs on Andean culture, combined with festivities, excursions and stays in indigenous communities



February 16 – 29, 2020

Astronomy in Andean Architecture and Textile Art

The pre-Hispanic civilizations developed their arts, designs, textile fabrics, goldsmith work and ceramics, as well as their architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture, on the basis of the concept of visualizing the Cosmos´ Principles, and Nature´s Laws.

These designs´ bases rest upon centrism, symmetry, duality and complementary relationships. In our program, participants will be introduced to the Andean Cosmo-Vision, astronomy and observation of nature, as well as to their application in design. Our workshops include training in the Incan mathematical calculation system, through the use of the ‘yupana’.


  • Pre-Colombian Art
  • Incan Mathematics

Practical Areas

  • Design and Geometry of Astronomical Cycles
  • Textile Paint

Excursions and Activities

  • Excursions to Archaeological Sites
  • Documentary Movie Night


  • Archeo-Astronomy
  • Semiology of Andean Textiles
  • Mythology and Ritual, in Textiles

March 29 – April 11, 2020


Weaving Classes – Semiology – Mythology – Pre-Columbian Textile Art

The Andean civilizations´ textile art is one of the most complex in the world. Today, a diversity of techniques, applied in an immense variety of textiles, is being put into practice in high Andean communities. This two-week program offers a textile learning in a multidisciplinary way.

Practical Areas

  • Weaving on Backstrap and Pallay

Lectures y Expositions

  • The Accha Alta Community’s Textile Tradition: Tecniques, Iconography and Symbolism
  • Documentary Moovies


  • Semiology of Andean Textiles: Iconographic interpretation
  • Astronomy and Cosmology in Archaeological Textiles
  • Mythology and Ritual in Andean Textiles


  • Natural Dyeing
  • Handling the Andean drop spindle (Puska) and Thread Twisting

Field Experiences

  • Staying and Weaving in an Indigenous Community

05th – 18th July, 2020


Intensive Summer Program

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the month of July stands-out due to the pompous celebration in honor to the Mamacha Carmen, which is taking place during five days. In total there are 21 teams of masked dancers, accompanied by musicians, who give homage to the “Mamacha”. Through their performance they stage mythologies and historical passages.

In the cemetery the teams of dancers evoke their defunct members, thus commemorating and integrating the world of the dead and that of the ancestors. One can notice an indigenous and catholic syncretism, but also a parallel world full of mysticism and joy.

This special program combines a unique cultural experience with intensive courses in Andean textile art.

Practica Area

  • Weaving classes on backstrap loom

Workshops & Activities

  • Dyeing workshops
  • Pre-Columbian Art workshops
  • Documentary film events

Seminars, Courses

  • Semiology  in the Andean Textiles
  • Andean Textile Art: Cosmology & Aesthetic
  • Ritual Masks: Dance, Choreograhpy & symbolism

Cultural Immersion

  • Mamacha Carmen Festivity

05th – 18th July, 2020


Andean Music Program

Popular music, as well as original native music are the two  areas that currently cohabitate in the Andes. Popular music is product of a syncretism of musical systems; that is between the Occidental and Andean music, while the original native Andean music and, especially, that played in traditional communities, has its roots in pre-Colombian times.

The linguistic category called ‘tinku’, as much in Quechua, as in the Aymara language, is synonymous of meeting, encounter or convergence and, precisely in this program, we make the music of Puno and Bolivia´s Aymara region converge with that of Peru´s Quechua-speaking area.

Practical Areas

  • Andean music classes

Activities & Field Experiences

  • Participation in the locality’s musical groups
  • Participation and musical immersion at Mamacha Carmen festivity
  • Astronomical observation, as well as that of “Sinc and Signaling ” factors  of nature

Courses & Seminars

  • Ritual Masks: Dance, Choreography & Simbolism
  • Ritual Calendar & Religious System
  • Andean Iconography: A semantic System
  • Mythology & Cosmology
  • Music & Musical Instruments

Cultural Immersion

  • Immersion at Mamacha Carmen Festivity