Apulaya – Center for Andean Culture It is made up of a team of professionals, the purpose of which is to preserve and pass on the great diversity of the Andes´ traditional indigenous culture, in a creative and interactive way, as well as through live experiences, in a family-like atmosphere and in contact with nature. We are constantly compiling data, audios, DVDs, specialized literature and musical instruments related to the indigenous Andean culture. Along with the workshops, we offer cultural packages for three days to one week or more, and organize master classes, musical sessions, documentary movie evenings and tailor-made seminaries.

The Apulaya Cultural Center was founded by Musician Valerio Fernández and Artist Emerita Bucher, in 2008, and it is surrounded by nature, as well as by mythical mountains, and is adjacent to Qhochoq Creek, where, as if by magic, one penetrates into a space ideal for inspiration and peace.

We have comfortable art and music studios with balconies all around the rooms and large windows allowing the contemplation of beautiful panoramic landscapes, as well as an ample yard and green area, ideal to feel amidst nature. Really, the Apulaya Cultural Center is a perfect place to get in touch with the Andean indigenous culture, and let your creativity flow.


The Apulaya Cultural Center is located in Calca; a picturesque village situated between Pisac and Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 50 minutes by car from the city of Cusco. Its panoramic landscape is superb, with quite varied vegetation and microclimates, along with relaxing thermal baths, archaeological areas and kind people.

Enjoy culinary delights with Apulaya and let our delicious cuisine surprise you, as it reflects the Peruvian markets´ very rich, varied, exotic and colorful diversity.