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This Summer, Experience the Andean Culture in the Sacred Valley of the Incas – Cusco!

summer-apulaya-1In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the month of July stands-out due to the pompous celebration in honor to the Mamacha Carmen, which is taking place during five days. In total there are 21 teams of masked dancers, accompanied by musicians, who give homage to the “Mamacha”. Through their performance they stage mythologies and historical passages. In the cemetery the teams of dancers evoke their defunct members, thus commemorating and integrating the world of the dead and that of the ancestors. One can notice an indigenous and catholic syncretism, but also a parallel world full of mysticism and joy.

Our program combines this unique cultural experience with courses in the areas of Andean textile art and Andean music.

Choose the area of your preference!

Practical Areas to Choose from

  • Andean Textile Art and Weaving
  • Andean Music

Seminars Integrated in the Programs

  • Introduction to the Andean Cosmo-vision and Philosophy
  • Ritual Masks – Dance, Choreography and Symbolism
  • Semiology and Aesthetics in the Andean Textiles
  • Natural dyeing workshops
  • Andean Mythology
  • Pre-Columbian Art Workshops
  • Music, Cosmos, Mankind and The Sacred

Optional Programs

  • Excursions to Incan sanctuaries in the Sacred Valley and Cusco
  • Visits to indigenous communities



Download the detailed programs:

icon-pdf Textile Art & Fiesta

icon-pdf Andean Music & Fiesta